When you breed beautiful puppies, you are constantly producing cute, wrinkled, and incredibly loving puppies for a good home!

A well behaved, socialized, healthy and happy puppy from the Merritt Pups family will be the centerpiece of your home for years to come!

I’ve been breeding puppies for 15 years. My love for these breeds enabled me to persevere and patiently work through a breeding and selection program aimed at improving my Bulldogs, Maltese and Yorkies in terms of physical structure, temperament and training ability.

My English Bulldogs, Maltese, and Yorkies all grew up at home because I believe this is the only way my pups can get enough attention and proper care. This makes them well socialized not only with other dogs but also with people around the home. The regular health checkups, vaccinations, and deworming of my adult breeders are critical to the production of good, healthy puppies. It is a good preparation for them before moving into their new home and being treated as a new member of the family.

We look forward to your comments and questions. Feel free to contact us. Our representative will contact you within one working day

Delivery and Pick up

For puppies that are sold within the city, we prefer that the puppy be picked up.

Deliveries outside of the city or over long distances are made by plane with pick-up from airport to airport. The shipping details will be communicated to the new owner who will then confirm to the airline. Further details must be discussed and agreed to ensure safe transport of the puppy and immediate pick-up at the destination airport.

Puppies that are sold in other countries are also delivered by plane when they are picked up from airport to airport. Documentation requirements can vary in each country. The import permit and the list of documents required for the country of destination must be presented.

All of our puppies sent by air will be housed in a secured crate with enough food and water to meet the airline’s requirements. New owners must email a confirmation letter that they received the puppy in good health at the destination.

We look forward to comments and questions. Feel free to contact us. Our representative will contact you within one working day

Health and social issues

Adopting a new puppy should be an important decision for anyone. Therefore, health problems shouldn’t have to be part of that equation. We go to great lengths to ensure that your puppy is in the best possible health. Our puppies are always up to date on all vaccinations and undergo a comprehensive examination by a state-certified veterinarian before they leave for their new home.