Our new baby is called Snoopy. The attention we got when we picked him up was great. Kind ladies. We chose Snoopy. He is the favorite dog. Reminds me so much of the other pomeranian we had. Thanks to everyone at Merritpups. Doris Weaver

Merritpups is by far the best place to buy a puppy. We bought our Yorkie a year ago. She is so delightfully healthy and brings so much joy into our lives. I can’t say enough how nice the staff are to you and especially to the puppies. They are so clean and so professional. I would never go anywhere to buy another puppy again. In fact, back then we wish we had bought our little girl’s sister too! Thank you puppy heaven for our baby Yorkie Girl. You are all the best. We love her, Danielle

Absolutely positively the best puppies I’ve ever bought. Both brother and sister are the most adorable and entertaining cuties! Many thanks to Merritpups! Great people to work with! Debbie Hoffman

Maggie is part of my family now and we are truly enchanted to enjoy her company every day. She is so smart and nice. We had some difficulty training her, but she is smart and we finally managed to do it. She learned a lot of tricks because she loves to play all the time. She is full of energy and likes to stay with our company all the time. Patricia

I’ve visited many websites trying to find the perfect Yorkie for me and my family and when I finally found her I was so happy. She is such a charming and lively puppy and we all love her so much. Our life is better with Daisy. Thank you very much. You are really involved in your job!

Maria Jason

Adopted Archie in November. Best decision i ever made. It was instant love when I saw him, he hasn’t left my side since the moment we met. Archie is healthy, happy, kind, smart, and everything you could want in a puppy. I love my boy Thank you Jason P.